The Society of Publishers in Asia announces the winners of the 2017 Awards for Editorial Excellence

"William Pesek has consistently set a high standard for opinion pieces this century, and his insightful and in depth pieces on Trump and Asia reveal both a profound depth of knowledge and the skill to cut straight to the heart of the matter."

Hong Kong, June 15, 2017 – The Society of Publishers in Asia (SOPA), an organization dedicated to best practices in professional publishing, was proud to present 95 awards for outstanding journalism at its annual SOPA Awards for Editorial Excellence gala dinner at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre tonight. For full Awards Winners list

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‘Great Depression’ ahead? IMF sounds dire warning

ASIA TIMES Massive government debts and eroded fiscal buffers since 2008 suggest global dominos await a single market crash By WILLIAM PESEK OCTOBER 9, 2018   Is another “Great Depression” on the horizon? It would be easier to dismiss these words from Nouriel Roubini, Marc Faber or other doom-and-gloom prognosticators. Coming from Christine Lagarde’s team, though, they

Nikkei rally runs ahead of Abenomics

NIKKEI ASIAN REVIEW Stocks look pricey for an aging country with a stagnant economy faced with trade war risks William Pesek October 04, 2018 Stocks look pricey for an aging country with a stagnant economy faced with trade war risks John Templeton, the late, great stock picker, believed booms and busts come in four stages:

Asia’s Paul Volcker moment

NIKKEI ASIAN REVIEW Indonesia’s central bank takes away the punch bowl September 28, 2018 By William Pesek If you think you are having a frenetic year, spare a thought for Perry Warjiyo. In four months as Indonesia’s central bank governor, he has hiked interest rates four times — roughly once every 32 days. With his

Bank of Japan’s silence weakens case for Abenomics

Column By William Pesek Bank of Japan’s deafening silence amid the world central bankers’ hubbub speaks volumes about Abenomics 30 September, 2018 Central bankers in Jakarta, Hong Kong and Manila had a busy week, hiking interest rates to keep pace with the US Federal Reserve. New Delhi telegraphed more tightening moves to come. But officials

Shinzo Abe, Ford Motor salesman?

ASIA TIMES Tokyo has made clear it favors the multilateral TPP format, but has little choice but to agree to bilateral FTA negotiations By WILLIAM PESEK SEPTEMBER 28, 2018 Shinzo Abe: Ford Motor Company salesman? That, essentially, appears to be the future Donald Trump envisions for Japan’s prime minister. Not in so many words, of course.

Bank scandal highlights BOJ troubles

ASIA TIMES Abe’s corporate governance push is not succeeding and the graying population is impeding growth – this has been highlighted in one corporate scandal By WILLIAM PESEK SEPTEMBER 26, 2018 It’s the rare corporate scandal that says virtually everything about why a top-three economy is underperforming. The shenanigans involve Suruga Bank, a regional institution headquartered in Shizuoka