The Society of Publishers in Asia announces the winners of the 2017 Awards for Editorial Excellence

"William Pesek has consistently set a high standard for opinion pieces this century, and his insightful and in depth pieces on Trump and Asia reveal both a profound depth of knowledge and the skill to cut straight to the heart of the matter."

Hong Kong, June 15, 2017 – The Society of Publishers in Asia (SOPA), an organization dedicated to best practices in professional publishing, was proud to present 95 awards for outstanding journalism at its annual SOPA Awards for Editorial Excellence gala dinner at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre tonight. For full Awards Winners list

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Dearth of women leaders is a $750 billion problem for Japan

FORBES William Pesek As Japan’s economy mulls ways to boost a flagging economy, no policy lever holds more promise than empowering women. In rabidly patriarchal Tokyo, no hint of progress is too small to celebrate as a touchstone moment for equality. This explains why the Twittersphere got so excited this week about Japan Airlines finally

Duterte’s Bull Market May Not End Well

FORBES William Pesek It’s become a cliché to point out that stock market rallies rarely reflect events in the real economy. Sometimes, though, surging valuations can be a contrarian indicator. Take Manila, where the Philippine Stock Exchange is on a tear. The market slumped in 2018 to become one of the globe’s worst performers. The 13% drop

Japan’s ‘Virginity Crisis’

Jun 14, 2019 William Pesek Japan’s “virginity crisis” has gotten lots of attention in recent months. Anthropological sleuths are rightly fascinated by studies showing young Japanese aren’t having much sex. But two more recent data sets suggest this phenomenon may soon be preoccupying bond traders, too. The first: new government statistics showing that births fell

Duterte Faces GDP Headache

FORBES William Pesek Rodrigo Duterte’s efforts to cozy up to China these last few years isn’t paying the economic dividends the Philippines hoped.  It all seemed so simple in June 2016, when Duterte grabbed the keys to the presidential palace from Benigno Aquino. His predecessor drew Manila close to Barack Obama’s America. In his six

Behind PM Abe’s big party for Trump

William Pesek For The Straits Times MAY 23, 2019, 5:00 AM SGT Japan worries about being next target of US trade pressures and suffering collateral damage in US-China conflict Japan’s new emperor could be excused for feeling a bit of Donald Trump envy. Emperor Naruhito is the one who took the Chrysanthemum Throne on May

South Korea confronts ‘lost decade’ risk

Seoul can launch promised chaebol reforms to reboot growth NIKKEI ASIAN REVIEW William Pesek South Korea is seeing a bull market in bearish economic news. In the first 20 days of May, exports plunged 11.7% from a year earlier, signaling a sixth straight monthly drop. Unemployment rose to 4.1% in April from 3.8% in March.