The Society of Publishers in Asia announces the winners of the 2017 Awards for Editorial Excellence

"William Pesek has consistently set a high standard for opinion pieces this century, and his insightful and in depth pieces on Trump and Asia reveal both a profound depth of knowledge and the skill to cut straight to the heart of the matter."

Hong Kong, June 15, 2017 – The Society of Publishers in Asia (SOPA), an organization dedicated to best practices in professional publishing, was proud to present 95 awards for outstanding journalism at its annual SOPA Awards for Editorial Excellence gala dinner at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre tonight. For full Awards Winners list

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The fears haunting China’s markets

NIKKEI ASIAN REVIEW Last week’s equity tumble shows instability will persist without serious economic reform William Pesek July 02, 2018 Economic reforms are needed to keep investor uncertainty from resurfacing.   © Reuters Barely a month ago, the MSCI index company gushed that China’s inclusion in the premier emerging-market stock benchmark could “change the face”

Little to ‘like’ about Thai junta’s economy

Facebook protests over rising prices must prod generals into structural reforms William Pesek June 15, 2018 Thailand’s latest public anger involves rising energy prices, causing social-media-driven boycott.   © Reuters The social media click is mightier than the sword. Just ask the generals lording over Thailand these last four years. They grabbed control of the

Bank of Japan’s attempt at reflating the economy is getting trumped by US trade war threats

SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST June, 17 2018 William Pesek In his 63 months helming the Bank of Japan, Haruhiko Kuroda has run into many an obstacle: frugal consumers, testy politicians, skittish corporate executives, assertive currency traders. But the mercurial US president may trump them all. It’s not like Governor Kuroda’s historic easing programme was gaining

Donald Trump has right idea, wrong country

LIVEMINT Donald Trump’s idea to embrace Russia is just silly. If the G-7 wants to get real, it could send Italy and Canada packing and welcome India, along with China Jun 14 2018 William Pesek Donald Trump is absolutely right that the Group of Seven, or G-7, needs to reinvigorate its ranks by welcoming another

Another Japanese recession? Brace for heavy weather ahead

ASIA TIMES The bears are gathering in Japan in a rare convergence of negative factors. Trumpian tariffs could be the final straw By WILLIAM PESEK JUNE 16, 2018 Suddenly, the global economic scene isn’t looking so good from Tokyo’s vantage point. The first quarter saw a hiccup in the second-longest postwar expansion as growth contracted 0.6%. Economists

Get the popcorn as Soros trolls Trump

SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST William Pesek Sunday, 03 June, 2018 For a man of his vintage, 87, George Soros has some serious social-media-age game. Arguably no one in finance gets under US President Donald Trump’s skin – or that of his investing peers – more than the Hungarian-turned-American billionaire. Soros did it again last week,