The Society of Publishers in Asia announces the winners of the 2017 Awards for Editorial Excellence

"William Pesek has consistently set a high standard for opinion pieces this century, and his insightful and in depth pieces on Trump and Asia reveal both a profound depth of knowledge and the skill to cut straight to the heart of the matter."

Hong Kong, June 15, 2017 – The Society of Publishers in Asia (SOPA), an organization dedicated to best practices in professional publishing, was proud to present 95 awards for outstanding journalism at its annual SOPA Awards for Editorial Excellence gala dinner at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre tonight. For full Awards Winners list

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Singapore sounds an early economic warning for Japan

ASIA TIMES Economic alerts coming out of the island city-state could mean bad news for the island state By WILLIAM PESEK TOKYO, JANUARY 19, 2019 Economic news out of Singapore rarely drives decision-making in Japan. Unless, of course, we’re talking about a sudden 8.5% plunge in exports that spooks Tokyo’s policymakers. The worry is the predictive quality

Bank of Japan’s nightmare year

NIKKEI ASIAN REVIEW OPINION After starting badly, 2019 promises to pile pressure on Kuroda William Pesek If you think Jerome Powell faces a difficult 2019 as chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve, consider what awaits Haruhiko Kuroda at the Bank of Japan. The New Year usually gets off to a slow start in Japan, where

South Korea flashes warning signs for 2019

ASIA TIMES As chatter about a global downturn grows in volume, events in Seoul are worth a look By WILLIAM PESEK JANUARY 5, 2019 With its sizable, open economy, South Korea often acts as a weathervane of sorts for trade-flow inflection points. And at the moment, one of Asia’s most reliable early-warning systems is flashing something approaching red. The

Japan’s Abenomics Gets Caught Swimming Naked

FORBES William Pesek Contributor I write about economics, markets and policymaking throughout the Asia. As the Nikkei Stock Average plunges, Japan is producing a bull market in something rather ominous for 2019: déjà vu. The feeling of familiarity concerns a return to recession and deflationary forces. Didn’t Prime Minister Shinzo Abe arrive on the scene

Asia’s Next Headache: Trump Vs. The Fed

F FORBES Dec 20, 2018 William Pesek I write about economics, markets and policymaking throughout the Asia. Donald Trump seems happiest when he has a foil to attack –- normally 280 characters at a time. Hillary Clinton, Emmanuel Macron and China rank among his favorite Twitter targets. Yet the U.S. president’s intensifying spat with his own

Japan Hasn’t Given Up on Cryptocurrency

LongHash By ​William Pesek Updated on December 26, 2018 Just last year, Japan was at the heart of the global Bitcoin community. After China banned cryptocurrency exchanges, Japan remained relatively friendly, with more than a dozen licensed exchanges. What a difference a year makes. Japan’s openness was challenged earlier this year when hackers stole more