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Why Japan needs its own Brexit

NIKKEI ASIAN REVIEW Japan automakers right to react to UK uncertainty, given industry’s growing global risks William Pesek Honda Motor‘s decision to hightail it out of Britain says as much about the company as about the U.K., and the mess that is Brexit. The smallest of Japan’s Big Three automakers — and with the smallest

Steve Bannon Finds His ‘Trump’ In Tokyo

FORBES William Pesek Steve Bannon may be toxic in Washington, but the infamous Donald Trump whisperer still gets the rock-star treatment in Tokyo. Such was the case last week, when the top purveyor of Trumpism took his world tour to the Japanese capital. At stops around Latin America, Europe and Asia, Bannon promotes his “populist

Oh my Ghosn: Nissan CEO walks on bail

ASIA TIMES In an unusual turn for Japan’s judicial system, Carlos Ghosn left jail on Wednesday. But his fight goes on ByWILLIAM PESEK Carlos Ghosn’s 65th birthday on Saturday looks to be a sweeter affair that he might have anticipated, now that the former Nissan Motor CEO is free on bail after 100 days in a