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Forget Lehman, Asia’s lessons are more timely

ASIA TIMES With currencies plunging in Manila, Jakarta and New Delhi, Trump’s trade war is causing havoc with Asian economies By William Pesek Tokyo, September 16, 2018 The 10th anniversary of the “Lehman shock” is dominating headlines around the globe. But the lessons we should be internalizing are from Asia a decade earlier. Though Asia’s crisis began in

Plot thickens for Abe’s third term in Japan

SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST Shinzo Abe is poised to become Japan’s longest-serving prime minister on Thursday, a chance to fulfill his dream to revise the pacifist constitution. Yet Donald Trump’s trade war and slowing demand may get in the way, writes William Pesek. 16 September, 2018 William Pesek Japan’s September 20 leadership contest has long

Trump’s siege of China hits Hong Kong

NIKKEI ASIAN REVIEW OPINION Hang Seng`s plunge highlights need for urgent economic and social reform William Pesek September 12, 2018 This week’s 10th anniversary of the Lehman shock feels especially raw in Hong Kong, where markets are taking hits from every direction. The Hang Seng Index is down more than 20% from a January high