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Why Japan Is Begging Trump for Help

POLITICO Why Japan Is Begging Trump for Help By WILLIAM PESEK Escaping overseas as scandals explode at home is perhaps the oldest of political strategies. Japan’s Shinzo Abe hopes to make it seem new again as he arrives at Mar-a-Lago this week. There are few better distractions—or shinier objects—than President Donald Trump. And Prime Minister

How Trump Brought Asia’s ‘Frenemies’ Together

FORBES As China And Japan Talk, Has Donald Trump Brought Asia’s ‘Frenemies’ Together? William Pesek Mr. Pesek is a Tokyo-based journalist and the author of “Japanization: What the World Can Learn from Japan’s Lost Decades.” Even his most ardent supporters never thought one of the things Donald Trump might “make great again” would be Japan-China relations. In 15