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Duterte Goes The Full Marcos

Feb 15, 2019, Forbes William Pesek If the Academy Awards gave out statuettes for best acting by a presidential spokesperson, Salvador Panelo of the Philippines would win easily. Sorry, Sarah Huckabee Sanders of White House infamy. But Rodrigo Duterte’s spinmeister just rebooted the genre with his dramatic defense of Manila arresting award-winning journalist Maria Ressa. “This

Breathing space for Mahathir

NIKKEI ASIAN REVIEW Growth spurt offers Malaysian leader a window for economic reform William Pesek Count Mahathir Mohamad among those unhappy with the performance of Malaysia’s government. Odd, perhaps, since he is prime minister. But considering how the 93-year-old ran Malaysia the first time around, from 1981 to 2003, recent moves suggest he is not

Election risks reigniting Philippines inflation

NIKKEI ASIAN REVIEW Failure to fix economic bottlenecks leaves country vulnerable to price pressure William Pesek What might Milton Friedman make of the Philippines today? The Nobel economist popularized the theory that inflation is “always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon.” Since the 1960s, his argument that demand for money controlled all prices won converts from