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Forget Lehman, Asia’s lessons are more timely

ASIA TIMES With currencies plunging in Manila, Jakarta and New Delhi, Trump’s trade war is causing havoc with Asian economies By William Pesek Tokyo, September 16, 2018 The 10th anniversary of the “Lehman shock” is dominating headlines around the globe. But the lessons we should be internalizing are from Asia a decade earlier. Though Asia’s crisis began in

Get the popcorn as Soros trolls Trump

SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST William Pesek Sunday, 03 June, 2018 For a man of his vintage, 87, George Soros has some serious social-media-age game. Arguably no one in finance gets under US President Donald Trump’s skin – or that of his investing peers – more than the Hungarian-turned-American billionaire. Soros did it again last week,