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Get the popcorn as Soros trolls Trump

SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST William Pesek Sunday, 03 June, 2018 For a man of his vintage, 87, George Soros has some serious social-media-age game. Arguably no one in finance gets under US President Donald Trump’s skin – or that of his investing peers – more than the Hungarian-turned-American billionaire. Soros did it again last week,

Time to scrap Hong Kong’s currency peg

Defending the US dollar link wastes money better spent on housing and social care William Pesek May 28, 2018 Defending the Hong Kong dollar’s peg to the U.S. currency takes away resources from spending for a better economic future. Hong Kong is waging an intensifying battle against currency traders. Since April, the territory spent at

South Korea’s economy has a Pyongyang problem

NIKKEI ASIAN REVIEW Seoul’s focus on nuclear deal distracts from challenging domestic issues William Pesek April 30, 2018    “Constructive make-believe.” It is hard to beat or quibble with economist Yanmei Xie’s pithy take on the gush-fest over Friday’s summit between North and South Korea. Yes, history was in the air at the truce village