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How The Federal Reserve Turned Japanese

FORBES William Pesek If there’s anyone who understands Jerome Powell’s pain, it’s Japan’s Toshihiko Fukui. Need to Google him? Granted, a whole lot has happened since Fukui left the Bank of Japan in March 2008 after serving five years as governor. The Lehman Brothers crisis. The Federal Reserve “taper tantrum.” Brexit. Donald Trump! One can

Japan’s Abenomics Gets Caught Swimming Naked

FORBES William Pesek Contributor I write about economics, markets and policymaking throughout the Asia. As the Nikkei Stock Average plunges, Japan is producing a bull market in something rather ominous for 2019: déjà vu. The feeling of familiarity concerns a return to recession and deflationary forces. Didn’t Prime Minister Shinzo Abe arrive on the scene