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Time to worry about Japanese banks — again

NIKKEI ASIAN REVIEW Growing concern about exposure to risky assets, not least U.S. junk corporate loans William Pesek One of the biggest economic stories in Japan last year received very little publicity overseas and only modest attention at home. Not Donald Trump’s trade war or the winter bloodbath in the stock market. Both may eventually

Bank of Japan’s nightmare year

NIKKEI ASIAN REVIEW OPINION After starting badly, 2019 promises to pile pressure on Kuroda William Pesek If you think Jerome Powell faces a difficult 2019 as chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve, consider what awaits Haruhiko Kuroda at the Bank of Japan. The New Year usually gets off to a slow start in Japan, where

Japan’s Abenomics Gets Caught Swimming Naked

FORBES William Pesek Contributor I write about economics, markets and policymaking throughout the Asia. As the Nikkei Stock Average plunges, Japan is producing a bull market in something rather ominous for 2019: déjà vu. The feeling of familiarity concerns a return to recession and deflationary forces. Didn’t Prime Minister Shinzo Abe arrive on the scene