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South Korea’s Moon is waning

NIKKEI ASIAN REVIEW President needs reforms to revive economy and political rating William Pesek It is hard to think of a top world leader having a worse Trump presidency than Moon Jae-in. The South Korean president took office in May 2017 with a mandate to overhaul a rigid and aging economy. Instead, his team is

South Korea flashes warning signs for 2019

ASIA TIMES As chatter about a global downturn grows in volume, events in Seoul are worth a look By WILLIAM PESEK JANUARY 5, 2019 With its sizable, open economy, South Korea often acts as a weathervane of sorts for trade-flow inflection points. And at the moment, one of Asia’s most reliable early-warning systems is flashing something approaching red. The

Trump’s tariffs may hurt his Asian allies, along with the US

SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST William Pesek writes that the Trump administration’s fervour for tough trade measures may hurt China, but China is too important to friendly nations in Asia and it has several means of retaliating against the US PUBLISHED : Friday, 09 February, 2018 William Pesek Should China label Donald Trump’s America a currency manipulator? It’s doubtful