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Shinzo Abe’s desperate bet on Trump is backfiring on Japan

The Washington Post By William Pesek  September 19, 2019 William Pesek is a Tokyo-based writer and author of “Japanization: What the World Can Learn from Japan’s Lost Decades.” On Monday, President Trump announced that the United States and Japan reached an initial trade deal. But don’t be fooled. As geopolitical bets go, the one that Japanese Prime Minister

How Trump Made Bitcoin Great Again

May 21, 2019, 05:30am William Pesek The Twittersphere is pulsating with theories for Bitcoin’s return from the near-dead. Explanations for its 100% rally so far this year include rising volatility in markets, decreased mining activity and a burst of good headlines. The last point includes a 60 Minutes feature from May 19. Great exposure coming right after