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China is about to stress test the world

Beijing is already in damage-control mode, rolling out tax cuts, new business loans and infrastructure projects to keep growth from plunging below 6% By WILLIAM PESEK DECEMBER 18, 2018 12:41 PM (UTC+8) The Trump administration is about to grapple with the “Pottery Barn rule” as China’s economy hits a wall. The “you break it, you bought it” principle applies

Chinese deflation? A risk for 2019

NIKKEI ASIAN REVIEW  Inflation concerns give way to worries about Japanese-style price stagnation William Pesek Is China now heading for Japan-style deflation?   © Reuters What a difference a year makes when you are trading Chinese bonds. Twelve months ago, dealers in China’s $2 trillion government debt market braced for a wipeout. Ten-year yields surged above

Why Trump will escalate the trade war

ASIA TIMES In two speeches, Vice-President Pence gave up America’s Asia game plan for 2019 – and it won’t be pretty for policymakers, markets or investors By WILLIAM PESEK NOVEMBER 20, 2018 Asia spent the last 22 months fearing Donald Trump’s angry Twitter feed. Turns out, it’s the United States president’s hologram that poses the biggest