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China’s bill for debt binge coming due

NIKKEI ASIAN REVIEW Yuan flashes warning signs amid slowing economy and widening trade war William Pesek August 03, 2018 The 2008 “Lehman shock” is finally catching up with China. Beijing beat the odds for a decade, with the Chinese economy growing at above 6.5% year after year. It managed that feat with an epic explosion

China’s four trump cards in the trade war

NIKKEI ASIAN REVIEW Beijing is deploying weapons the US did not anticipate July 27, 2018 William Pesek “Trade wars are good, and easy to win.” So claims Donald Trump. Interesting, then, to look at how China’s Xi Jinping is proving the U.S. president wrong on both accounts. Trump’s description of trade wars as “good” is given

Xiaomi and the Chinese delusion

NIKKEI ASIAN REVIEW The company misjudged the market. Beijing risks misreading the global tech trade war William Pesek July 12, 2018 As Xiaomi stumbled this week, China’s great smartphone hope generated a bull market in scapegoating. Investors are unconvinced by CEO Lei Jun’s internet strategy, some complain. Others say the initial public offering price was